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Tips for Using LED Light Solar Panels

Tips for Using LED Light Solar Panels

LED Light Solar Panels are a simple to install, yet effective solution to enhance the appearance of the outside space. They are available in plenty of different styles, such as hanging lanterns and the lamppost. By placing the solar panels in an area that receives direct sunlight, the batteries are charged throughout the course of the day. When it starts to get dark, the saved energy is enough to power the LED lights for several hours.

Here are four useful tips for using LED Light Solar Panels:

Location and panel tilt angle

To fully charge the batteries for the solar lights, it benefits to locate the panels in a space that gets at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight on a daily basis. In the process of placing the panels, it is important to avoid areas that can create shade such as roofs, walls, and trees.

The tilt angle of the solar panel can also impact the ability to generate power. The preferred tilt angle is in the region of 30 for the summer and 45 for the winter. Also, the panel is best placed looking in a south-facing direction.


Before using the lights for the first time, it benefits to give them a few charge cycles. Ideally, it helps to run the panels through at least 5 to 10 cycles to fully charge during the day and discharge again at night. This is useful for optimizing the battery and making sure it can accept a full capacity charge. Most lights that are pre-charged before use have the potential to last up to 8 hours when in use.



Avoid other light sources

When it comes to installing the solar LED lights, it is important to find a spot that is free of other light sources such as street lights or porch lights. These lights active in the evening when the light level reaches a certain point that is detected and stored in the sensor’s memory. If badly placed, there could be difficulties with the light switching on because the surrounding ambient light can make it appear lighter than it is.

Regular cleaning

A regular cleaning session is important for the solar panels to make sure the batteries are fully charged on a daily basis. Panels left with dirt and debris on top will have difficulty charging, can malfunction, or will in time shorten the life of the battery. Most of these solar panels easily clean with warm soapy water and a clean cloth.

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