Beginner’s Guide LED Light Panel

Beginner’s Guide LED Light Panel

A Beginner’s Guide On How To Install An LED Light Panel

LED ceiling light panels are proving to be one of the most effective replacements for the traditional grid-based lighting fixtures. This popularity is due to the uniformity of the lights, the harmonious lighting environment, and the fact that LED lights are far more energy-efficient. The average LED ceiling panel is formed using bright LED lighting sources with no UV emissions – ideal for people using the green approach to living.

Despite the fact that these light panels are growing in popularity, the one factor that is not as effective as a conventional lamp is the issue of installation. Installing LED panel lights can be a frustrating task for many people; therefore, this article provides information on different light panel installations.

LED ceiling lights can be installed in four different ways: the built-in method, the recessed method, the mounted method or the suspended method. A built-in and recessed installation offers a sleeker and more contemporary look; however, it does not provide as much light as the other options. A mounted LED light installation typically highlights the style of the lighting fixture, and the suspended installation is needed when placing pendent lights or chandeliers.

How Do You Install The LED Panels?

The first and potentially most crucial step for electricians to installing any type of LED technology is to read through the user manual before completing any physical installation of the lighting fixture. This is to ensure that you understand the various components of the device, which is useful in the later stages of the installation. You must handle all elements within the device carefully because they are all delicate in nature.

The second step is to locate a suitable place to mount the LED lighting panel. The most effective place to mount the panel is an area that is close to the power socket as this will reduce the length of wire needed to light the panel. Take note of the panel dimensions so that you can drill holes where required to mount the fixture.

1. Suspended Installation

For a suspended installation please call a professional such as install the accessories to the LED panel lights and use screws to fix the hanging cables onto the roof.

2. Ceiling Mounted Installation

A ceiling mounted installation requires one to fasten the clip on the place where the light will be installed. Screw the second clip to the panel and then screw both clips to the panel using M4x8 screws.

3. Recessed And Wall Mounted Installation

The recessed and wall mounted installations required removal of the grid lights and choosing the replacement that fits in the grid.

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